Join The Scale Up Garage on a 12 week journey. Where together we will get under the hood of your business and look at the driving forces that will take your business to the next level and help overcome current challenges which are restricting your business growth! 


Here’s  an overview and breakdown of the tune-ups that will be performed on your business over the next 12 weeks.

Week 1:

We focus on a deep dive into your company’s Value Proposition.  An organization’s value proposition is the combination of products and services it provides to its customer  These offerings need to be unique and easily differentiated from competition.

Week 4:

Nothing like the smell of a new car and the love that you have with it. This week will be all about recognizing your customers love for your products and services and how you nurture that relationship to establish lifelong loyalty to your brand.

Week 2:

Do you really know and understand who your customers are? The customer segment is an essential part of an organization’s business model and is key to ensuring that the product features are aligned with the segments characteristics and needs.

Week 5:

Let’s talk about the money!  It is THE OIL of your company without a proper revenue strategy your business is not going to scale at a high performance level. 

Week 3:

So how do we get there? What vehicle are you using to delivers your value proposition to your customers. There are various options for channels available to an organization, and the selection is based on the channel that is the quickest, most efficient with the least amount of investment required.

Week 6: 

You need outside help.  Here we focus on identifying the right external partners you need to fulfill your promise to your customers.. These Key partnerships help your company deliver its value proposition.

Week 7:

Your KEY Resources is the gas to help your company run and identifying your own internal controls is crucial to scaling your company. 

Week 10:

Most companies struggle with sales, cause EVERYONE HATES to Sell!  Right?  Not after this week’s focus on understanding the key fundamentals of sales.  AFTER this week…you will wonder why it ever was tough.

Week 8:

Lets turn the key! Key Activities are the most important processes that need to occur for the business model to be effective. If you don’t do these important activities you might as well get out of the driver seat!

Week 11:

Lets talk about your well oiled machine! Pitching Your Business, every entrepreneur who is scaling their business needs funding. This week we get your focused on creating a pitch deck that will WOW anyone listening to the story of your business and have them reaching for their cheque book.

Week 9:

Here’s the bill!  Ultimately it costs something to run your business and so let’s define the cost of running your business according to your particular scale up model. 

Week 12: 

Let's get CHARGED UP!

We will recap, talk about success stories, and motivate you for the next level of your business.   


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